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New Flood Insurance Manual

Many of you are aware that the Flood Insurance Manual has been reformatted. FEMA offered a "crosswalk" for those who are used to the old manual and may have trouble locating material in the new format.  Evidently the crosswalk is not on the NFIP Insurance site so it may be difficult for your customers to find it or even discover its existence.

It can be found here:

As an example, the Changes In Deductible Amount used to be in Chapter 5- the Rating Section.  If you go to the crosswalk and scroll to the table of contents and click on ‘Rating’ it takes you to page 12 which shows that the information is now on 4.7 of Chapter 4, How to Endorse and is now called Changing Deductibles.  Furthermore it is a clickable link that will take you right to that section of the new manual. Likewise, the rating tables that were the bulk of Chapter 5 are now found in Attachment J.  Once again, clicking on the link will take you directly to the rate tables.

Please consider sharing the crosswalk with your customers.